TransMedia Storytelling Proposal

The Saguache County Transmedia Storytelling Experience
Deadline for Responses: November 4, 2018
An initiative of The Saguache County Tourism Council

The Saguache County Tourism Council seeks a manager for its Transmedia Story Experience, an all-county marketing initiative to be rolled out in 2019. Our grant specifies that work begin in 2019, and all work be complete by August 30, 2019. 2018 funds are available for story development/creative/training, and data collection/photography and message development. It is anticipated that the project manager will work with members of the Council to define story content and manage story development, work with an established transmedia software application provider, or define an alternative user interface for the game, manage the rollout of the project, and develop and execute a marketing campaign for the project. This is to be an ongoing experience, and not event-based, although local events may include promotions to introduce the game. Grant funds include $5,000 to pay young people—local students and young adults and limited non-local college students, to participate in project development, which may be story creation or testing. $3,000 is also budgeted for Spanish language translation which should be embedded in at least part of the story. Because of the size, diversity and local characteristics of Saguache County, the project involves a stage of community outreach for story ideas. The project manager should be prepared for a community-based process for story line development. It is anticipated that the story will grow, with components added after the current grant is complete. The project should drive business to local towns and attractions. The goal is to create buzz, mystery and enthusiasm for Saguache County, to prompt people to stop for a few hours, or for an overnight, and to visit again. Travelers pass through Saguache County to visit the Great Sand Dunes National Park, and as they drive from Denver to the 4-corners region.

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