Saguache County boasts vast chunks of public lands that are easily accessible. There are thousands of acres of beautiful country – most of which is uninterrupted by private property. We have a good climate with terrain that varies from grassland to sagebrush to aspens and evergreens, all of which you can access in the same day if you want. Don’t forget your camera – there is no bag limit to the number of pictures you can shoot.

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Saguache County appeals to most types of hunters by accommodating most types of travel. You can travel horseback, walk, drive or ride ATV’s on designated roads. You might choose to pack-in to a wilderness area, park your motor home at a campground, or set up camp in area motels.

Upon your arrival to Saguache County, over-the-counter elk tags and fishing licenses can be purchased locally. For the forgetful…you will find our retail stores, grocery stores and gas stations most helpful in filling your needs. Take home a souvenir from one of our local artists. Dine out at our local restaurants. You will appreciate the rural flavor of small towns and the allure of friendly communities that cater to the hunter. For more information on tags, regulations and hunting seasons, visit

Our family likes to hunt wilderness areas horseback. We used to get up early and have horses saddled by 4:00 a.m., ride for two hours in the dark, tether the horses and walk from there to hunt for elk. Now that we are practically seniors, we might get up early, might have horses saddled by 4:00 a.m., might ride for two hours in the dark. We then tether the horses and walk from there to hunt for a sunny slope to take a nap!

In the past we depended on big game for our meat supply. Though elk is our favorite meat to eat, for us, the hunt is now more for the camaraderie than the take. There is nothing more satisfying than spending quality time together with family and friends in the great outdoors. The reflection of the flickering firelight adds a bit of laughter to everyone’s eyes and purely warms the heart. This is a successful hunt.

I assure, before you get back home, you will be planning for next year’s hunt in the last quiet place – Saguache County; a simpler time and place."
~Trish Gilbert, Saguache, Colorado