Grant Application

Saguache County Tourism Council Grant Program

Advertising Grant Program 

The Tourism Council offers grant support for advertising by organizations and groups that sponsor community events open to the public. The maximum grant is $300. Please see below for the Grant Application and Instructions.

Add-On Door Prize Grant Program

Saguache Tourism Association is offering an add-on to our existing grant program to support the collection of attendance information. This tourism grant is in the amount of $150.00 and can be presented as a door prize or raffle for local events. A local event is established as a free event, open to the public, with documented advertisement outside and within the San Luis Valley. The local event must take data consisting of, but not limited to, the name and city/state of the attendee signing up for the raffle or door prize. All data will then be returned to the Saguache Tourism Council, where the winner will be chosen randomly from the list of attendees. The Event Holder can then contact the winner and offer the prize of $150.

Alternatively, the drawing may take place at the time of the event and the $150 reward offered at the event. A check for $150 will be reimbursed to the Event Holder upon the receipt of the metrics information. Please see below for the Grant Application and Instructions.

Grant Application 

Instructions: Please fill out this form completely and email it to, or return it to Saguache County Tourism Council, P. O. Box 176, Saguache, Co 81149. You may also drop it off in the Clerk’s Office of the Saguache County Court House. Grants are given on a first come first served basis until funds run out. All grants will be considered at the next Tourism Council meeting which is held on the second Thursday of each month. Please click the link below for the Grant Application.

Saguache County Tourism Council Grant Application